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Go to www. hmrc.gov.uk and look for RDR3 in the Search facility. Do not fill this form in if you normally live in the UK and are going abroad for short periods for example on holiday or a business trip or ou have completed or are required to complete a y Self Assessment tax return for the tax year that you leave. 1. About you Surname or family name use capital letters Are you male or female Male Female First name s use capital letters Date of birth DD MM YYYY Your most recent address in the...
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back for a long time, because you intend to live abroad permanently you were employed in the UK for 3 years or more You will need: a self-assessment income tax return proof of your UK address a completed UK tax return if you are claiming tax relief or for an apology from HMRC a completed UK tax return if you are claiming tax relief or for an apology from HMRC all relevant personal information, including details of any UK pensions and allowances details of any UK savings and investments tax-paid income at source proof of your UK immigration status The tax return is completed by entering your UK income, savings and investment details - this is called declaring income . . If there is any evidence you have already submitted, you can submit some or all of these to HMRC for assessment. If HMRC is aware that you are overseas or returning to the UK from abroad, they may decide your tax should not be paid or you may have to make a repayment. If you are returning to the UK from abroad and intend returning for more than 3 years you should complete a tax return for the relevant year, not a self-assessment return. If you were paid directly by the UK government, you should only complete part of the form for the UK government. This will only work if you have paid tax due and you need to declare your tax to the UK government. If you were not paid directly by the UK government to the extent that they have paid you a tax credit or refund you may be able to claim UK government taxes for an earlier tax year when you complete your tax return or on your tax invoice. If you are claiming tax relief for a specific year you can write the date when you made your application, this is called an application date or commencement date for tax relief. The tax return will be processed by HMRC between the 1st January and 30th February each year. If you are claiming in a later tax year HMRC will process the tax return for any tax you owe for the earlier tax year. If you claim tax relief to help your UK tax bill to the Government you could get a tax refund if you have paid enough tax. If you do not claim a refund the UK government can keep this tax money. HMRC will not pay a refund to you if you have filed a return with a tax error, you paid tax in a different tax year or you changed your

Who needs a form P85?

HM Revenue and Customs request form P85 from residents leaving the UK to work full-time abroad. This should not concern people who are planning a business trip or people who are coming back to UK within less than a year, or those who file Self Assessment tax return for the tax year that they leave.

What is form P85 for?

This form is used to request tax relief or any tax refund due to leaving UK. Check if you are eligible to apply for these purposes at HM Revenue and Customs website.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

You must have all necessary documents to prove the statements you make on the form, in case HMRC officer would like to check the data you’ve provided. Also, you are supposed to file form P45, Details of employee leaving work, if your employer or Jobcentre gives you one.

When is form P85 due?

Remember, it may take a month or more to process your application, which is why you should think everything through and apply with enough time to wait for response while you are still in UK.

How do I fill out a form P85?

There are only 4 pages to fill out. The first page is dedicated to general information about you. The second page contains questions about your stay in the UK and about your destination country. On page 3 you must honestly report any income you will receive in UK even after leaving the country. Also answer questions about your terms of employment in another country. On page 4 determine how you prefer to be paid and give your account number.

Where do I send it?

Send it to the nearest tax office in your area, or to

Pay As You Earn

HM Revenue and Customs


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